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1. In fairness to all participants, briefing of all participants will be conducted by Head of Judging Committee. Attendance of all participants on 11th October 2019 is compulsory.


2. All participants MUST wear black T-shirt during competition. Shirt, pants/trousers or skirts are self-provide and MUST be in black colour.

3. Model's costume is the responsibility of the Participant. Bridal gown can be vary as according to the respective country culture wedding gown OR the English-styled white wedding gown.


4. All models MUST remain in competition categories outfits until after the Award & Closing Ceremony.


5. All products required are the responsibility of the Participant. All products must be placed in a hand-held container/box that is convenient for movement. The hand-held container/box is the responsibility of the Participant.


6. Singapore socket point is of UK Standard, using 3-pin socket of 13A/230V. International converter is the responsibility of the participant.


Organised by

APHCA Singapore 

Spa and Wellness Association Singapore

Co-organised by 

Alliance Partnership & Exhibitions Pte Ltd

Sphere Exhibits